From initial concept to final creation to JIT services, PEP does it all. Our full-service custom plastic injection molding manufacturing facility is based in Pomona, CA, and we handle all aspects of the plastic parts manufacturing process for both consumer goods and industrial clients. Whether you need product development from start to finish, or JIT services to optimize your supply chain and distribution efficiency, PEP has you covered with experience spanning 40 years in the custom injection molding industry.




We utilize the best injection molding methods to suit projects of every complexity, which are both cost-effective and scalable for high volume production of custom plastic parts. Our facility is fully certified to provide the highest quality of custom injection molding to our industrial clients across a wide range of specialized industries. To ensure real-time data, accurate precision, and precise measurements, all of our molding machines are linked to our IQMS computer system, which also allows us to monitor MRP and accounting functions to ensure we are operating at full efficiency and adhering to project budget.




The team of design engineers at PEP are able to make tools with a high degree of precision and accuracy to serve our complex industries, designed to meet our customers’ exact specifications. Using expertly developed critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, the team of tool builders at PEP have the innate ability to develop and construct tools to comply with specific requirements in highly regulated industries, such as medical, aerospace, and agriculture. With wide-ranging experience in tool building, tool making, and reverse engineering, our tooling service team has the autonomy to source creative and innovative solutions that utilize only the highest-quality materials and commercial-grade plastics.




From initial concept to final delivery, our product development engineers will bring your product vision to life using the most advanced computer programs and efficient design software. We are able to take general direction from our clients and implement innovative, creative strategies throughout the product development cycle, resulting in a product that exceeds expectations in terms of performance, quality, and functionality.




With an experienced team of product assembly specialists, PEP provides custom plastic parts assembly to meet all requirements and high-performance standards across a variety of industries. With 40 years of experience in complex component assembly and adherence to industry safety and regulatory standards, the PEP assembly team provides precise and accurate assembly, while ensuring high-quality performance and seamless component integration. Depending on the project direction, the assembly team also performs efficient sonic welding, machining, hot stamping, screen printing, and pad printing.



When you need to optimize your supply chain management and product distribution efficiency, our full-service warehouse team will provide a custom JIT solution to save both time and money. With an onsite warehouse and dedicated trucking system, the JIT team at PEP will create supply chain efficiency for your company or brand, with cost-effective solutions that get your products into your customers’ hands quickly and efficiently. 



 With various stages of quality control during each product development process, the PEP team is committed to providing exceptional results that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our commitment to quality control represents the very foundation of PEP, and we integrate stringent internal controls during all stages of production, including inspection, testing, statistical analysis, real-time data interpretation, and multi-tiered approvement procedures. Our 24-hour quality control teams are responsible for overseeing all aspects of production, and they are an essential piece of factory operations each and every day.

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