About Performance Engineered Products

We create a positive and caring experience; we meet/exceed expectations; we offer extra services not found elsewhere; we are reliable, flexible and trustworthy in our relationships.

Founded in 1981, PEP has been an industry leader in custom plastic injection molding in the Greater Los Angeles area for over 40 years. With extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality custom plastic parts, the team at PEP remains dedicated to providing superior customer service and establishing long-lasting client relationships built on trust and integrity.

With 64 molding machines, ranging from 35 ton Arburgs to an 880 ton Sandreto, and 3 manufacturing plants, we have the dedicated operational equipment to complete complex projects of both small volume and high volume production, spanning a range of highly technical industries. All molding machinery is linked to our IQMS computer system, which facilitates precise execution of the manufacturing process through real-time data. Along with the integrated MRP and accounting functions, our advanced machinery allows for adjustments to be made throughout the process as necessary.

PEP is an AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 and FDA Certified Company. All services are performed under one roof by our in-house team of design engineers and product development specialists, serving clients in Pomona, CA, and the surrounding area of East LA County. We are a full-service corporation with the capacity to oversee every aspect of the custom plastic injection molding process, from initial design and development, to warehousing, distribution, and supply chain management. 

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3270 Pomona Blvd, Pomona, Ca

Phone number:

+1 (909) 594-7487



Our Company Culture

In every facet of our business, we make our team members a priority by offering a company culture that encourages innovation, creativity, and meaningful collaboration. Our employees enjoy what they do, and have a high degree of technical expertise to keep customers satisfied with personalized attention to detail, precision, and exceptional accuracy.

Above all, our company culture is a unique blend of:

  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Empowerment
  • Discipline
  • Prosperity
  • Fun

We nurture an environment of mutual respect, empowering our team members with autonomy and continuous training to develop critical thinking skills and advance career growth. Our culture allows us to attract the best workers who are passionate about providing our clients with reliable, top-notch results that showcase the PEP commitment to superior quality.

Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back

At PEP, we establish long-lasting customer relationships built on quality, prompt delivery times, and a trusted reputation that stands the test of time. We go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations with extra services that you won’t find anywhere else, with team members that are friendly, courteous, and responsive to the needs of each client.

We hold ourselves accountable to deliver superior service to meet our customers’ specifications, and 100% customer satisfaction is always our top priority. To ensure we are meeting the vision of each client, we provide ongoing communication throughout every project, while remaining on time and on budget. With our commitment to transparency, there will never be any surprises, only results that exceed expectations with innovative methods and strategic cost-effective solutions.

Our Company Mission and Core Values

PEP is committed to providing a positive and caring environment that promotes growth and prosperity for all of our key stakeholders, including customers, employees, vendors, and owners. We take our responsibility to each of these groups seriously, and in every aspect of our daily business operations, we seek to be the most effective custom molding company in every aspect of our daily business operations. At all times, we adhere to our core competencies of fast responsiveness, open communication, streamlined efficiency, quality control, and on-time delivery.

Full Service Perspective

We offer everything our clients need to optimize the process of product development, production, and supply chain management, all with seamless and efficient services.

Strategic Design

We use our problem solving and critical thinking skills to create innovative designs and smart solutions that will not only be cost-effective, but will provide the highest quality results upon final delivery.

Production & Q.C.

Our stringent quality control measures ensure that the final product will exceed our clients’ expectations, with continuous process improvement methods based on the latest advanced technologies.

Core Goals

  • Delivering the highest quality of products and services, while remaining on-time and on-budget

  • Providing our customers with innovative strategies and solutions that offer superior value

  • Encouraging open communication throughout the process to ensure client satisfaction during each stage of production

  • Dedication to continuous improvement, incorporation of advanced technologies, and ongoing employee training and education

PEP is dedicated to high-quality production of your products from design to delivery.

Contact our experts to help bring your idea to market efficiently & cost-effectively.

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