Verified by FDA and ISO certification, our medical parts manufacturing process takes place in a sterile environment to ensure no cross-contamination during highly sensitive medical equipment parts production. We exercise extreme caution and diligence while manufacturing medical-grade components and plastic parts, while offering small production runs at an affordable cost to healthcare facilities, hospitals, and medical offices. Our medical parts manufacturing facilities are routinely sterilized, disinfected, and sanitized with industrial strength products to eliminate potentially harmful contaminants.

PEP has adhered to the highest quality of medical parts manufacturing with our custom plastic injection molding experience over the past 40 years, and we continue to produce and assemble the best medical parts and equipment components for our medical industry clients. We have a 24-hour quality control staff to provide intense oversight during all stages of production, and are proud to be a trusted supplier of custom plastic parts for healthcare facilities, hospitals, and many other medical establishments.

No Material Properties Applications
1 Acetal Strong, rigid, excellent fatigue resistance, excellent creep resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, naturally opaque white, low/medium cost Bearings, cams, gears, handles, plumbing components, rollers, rotors, slide guides, valves
2 PEEK Strong, thermal stability, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, low moisture absorption Aircraft components, electrical connectors, pump impellers, seals
3 Ultem Heat resistance, flame resistance, transparent (amber color) Electrical components (connectors, boards, switches), covers, shields, surgical tools, Aircraft components.
4 Polycarbonate Very tough, temperature resistance, dimensional stability, transparent, high cost Automotive (panels, lenses, consoles), bottles, containers, housings, light covers, reflectors, safety helmets and shields
5 Polyphenylene Sulphide Very high strength, heat resistance, brown, very high cost Bearings, covers, fuel system components, guides, switches, and shields
6 Polyester – Thermoplastic Rigid, heat resistance, chemical resistance, medium/high cost Automotive (filters, handles, pumps), bearings, cams, electrical components (connectors, sensors), gears, housings, rollers, switches, valves
7 Polyether Sulphone Tough, very high chemical resistance, clear, very high cost Automotive (filters, handles, pumps), bearings, cams, electrical components (connectors, sensors), gears, housings, rollers, switches, valves
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