With over 40 years of experience, we are experts in the highly technical process of aerospace plastic injection molding, with stringent testing and real-time data monitoring throughout production.


We have the capacity for high-volume manufacturing of plastic components for the agriculture industry, including use of commercial-grade plastics to meet the demand of highly regulated industry standards.


The team at PEP provides electronic parts manufacturing for complex high-precision electronic parts, using only the most durable materials to make components that are strong, reliable, and heat-resistant.


As an ITAR certified parts manufacturer, we have a specialized team of design engineers to ensure your defense weapon component can be seamlessly integrated to ensure optimal functionality and performance.


With both small volume and large volume production of automotive parts, we offer automotive clients OEM service and aftermarket part production, including implementation of five core quality control tools.


Verified by FDA and ISO certification, our medical parts manufacturing process takes place in a sterile environment to ensure no cross-contamination during highly sensitive medical equipment parts production.


Our in-house team of consumer goods manufacturing experts provides the best consumer product design, assembly, manufacturing, and packaging from start to finish, including printing and labeling services.


We are experts in tool building, process improvement, and reverse engineering, and can manufacture industrial parts to comply with standards across a variety of industries, using high-end plastics and precise dimensional measurements.

PEP is dedicated to high-quality production of your products from design to delivery.

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