Who We Are & What We Do

Performance Engineered Products, Inc. a California Corporation, has been in Operation since 1981. PEP strongly believes in Service and working through Partnership with its major Customers. PEP is an ISO 9001:2015, FDA, and UL approved Company. PEP has the skills, technology, creativity, capabilities, and resources to handle every molding need from initial design through warehousing and distribution……All under one roof.


PEP operates 30 molding machines ranging from 28 ton Arburgs to 390 ton Selex. All molding machines are linked to our IQMS computer system that supplies real time data as well as MRP and accounting functions. View list of Equipment


PEP exists for the benefit, growth and prosperity of its key stakeholders – customers, employees, vendors, owners! Our mission and core competency is being the most effective molder, meeting our customer’s needs for service which we define as – fast responsiveness, openness, efficiency, quality, and on-time delivery.


  • Provide our customers with the highest quality products
    and services

  • Deliver those products and services on-time.

  • Offer our customers the best value for our

  • Clearly communicate with our customers in order to
    ensure we meet all of their needs

  • Continuously improve our products and processes



3270 Pomona Blvd, Pomona, Ca

Phone number:

+1 (909) 594-7487

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We create a positive and caring experience; we meet/exceed expectations; we offer extra services not found elsewhere; we are reliable, flexible and trustworthy in our relationships.


PEP is a full service B2B solution provider in plastic part design, mold-making, molding, insert-molding, over-molding, decorating, packaging and light assembly.


Stakeholder Model: We work to create value and ensure the success and happiness of all four key stakeholders who contribute and gain benefit in and through PEP:

–          Customers – the reason we are in business and the source of all our income

–          Employees – the people who fulfill the customer’s needs and keep them happy

–          Vendors – those who supply our employees with the resources they need to do the work

–          Owners – The Family that benefits from a healthy legacy and cash flow from our success.

To best serve all our stakeholders, and to develop and grow our company, we will work together within the full spirit of the following core values:



–          Being considerate of each other; Caring; Treating each other with high regard; The “Golden Rule.”


–          Highest service to Customers and all stakeholders; Collaboration; Cooperation; Trust; No one of us is smarter / better than all of us.


–          Recognition; Continuous training & development; Delegation, Job mastery; Drive decision-making throughout PEP.


–          Process-driven; Order; Focus; Attention to detail; Accountability & sense of ownership; Best Practices; remove errors.


–          Creating abundance for all stakeholders: Value pricing and excellent service for all customers; Well-compensated employees; Partnering with vendors and paying on time; Providing owners ROI.


–          Enjoy what we do and who we work with; Celebrate wins and each other; A company of aligned and engaged employees.


  • To bring life to our values, we will include upholding, adhering, and exemplifying our values in each employees job performance review and into our work practices and work rules. We will “catch” employees when they are honoring and upholding our values. We will reward and acknowledge when values drive business / team / personal success.
  • We will use our values when making decisions, changes, or addressing issues. We will continuously train every employee on our values, and how to honor and use them in daily work, thinking and behaviors.
  • Every employee has the power and duty to let other(s) know when they feel a value is not being upheld, or breeched, without fear of repercussions. Ideally employees can work out any violations of value(s) between themselves, and where necessary will get management involved.